Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Quick payouts of up to $500 per sale
10% lifetime recurring commission of every referral


Generous Payouts With Our Web Hosting Affiliate Program

RoseHosting is the easiest sale you'll ever make
industry pioneer

An Industry Pioneer

Since 2001, our established reputation as the industry’s first commercial Linux VPS hosting provider makes our customer churn rate of less than 1% is by far one of the lowest in the industry. On average our clients stay with us for 6-10 years. 
managed support

A Hidden Gem

We’re a privately owned company, with steady continuous growth. It allows us to play the long game and stay true to our values and fair to our customers. We have some of the most satisfied customers on the market. See for yourself. Those that know us, love us!
saints of hosting

The Saints of Hosting

We live by this mantra and have always steered away from any shady practices. Our hosting prices are transparent, our discounts are for life, we give full root access and more, and never enforce unnecessary arbitrary limitations, such as number of sites or page views per month.
realtime tracking

Reliable Real-Time Tracking

We use two separate advanced tracking systems to ensure that you always get credit for each referral you make. Never again should you worry that a referral you make goes unrewarded.
time window

Great Window of Opportunity

It can sometimes take a bit longer for users to sign up and convert, so many in the affiliate industry have taken to providing tracking cookies for 60 days instead of 30. We take it 30 steps further and give you a whopping 90 days cookie lifetime.
highest commissions

The Highest Commissions

Our commission payouts are higher than any other in the industry. We offer an easy avenue to earn a truly passive income stream, and not one that only lasts 12-months, but an income that you’ll keep for the lifetime of the referrals' accounts.

Best Value for Money

We offer the complete package. Only premium new hardware, the best award-winning tech support and the best value for money prices. Customers you bring to us will not find better equipment or customer service anywhere else.
quick payouts

Super Quick Payouts

Your payouts are done within 24 hours of your request. There’s no long-processing times or complications. Your approved funds can be in your hands in less then a day once they clear the withholding period.

Deals for your clients

We have made sure to squeeze every last bit of value into our plans, so we offer  great discount deals for 12-month and 24-month plans at 20% and 30% respectively. It is an easy sell for your visitors.

Payout Commissions Explained

One time commission for every qualified order. Earn as much as $500 on qualified purchases made by your referrals. Additionally, earn 10% of every invoice paid by your referrals, forever. There is no better time to start than now!
$50-$500 Fixed Commission
90-day Tracking Cookies
65-day Withholding Period
10% Recurring Commission
$5 Sign-Up Bonus
Less Than 1% Churn Rate
Immediate PayPal Payouts
Real-Time Tracking
VIP Tier at 30 Sales


Monthly VPS
Yearly+ VPS
Monthly Dedicated Server
Yearly+ Dedicated Server
Monthly Recurring Commission

Regular Tier

NVMe 1 & 2 GB
NVMe 4 GB & up
NVMe 1 & 2 GB
NVMe 4 GB & up
Any Plan
Any Plan
Any Plan

VIP Tier

NVMe 1 & 2 GB
NVMe 4 GB & up
NVMe 1 & 2 GB
NVMe 4 GB & up
Any Plan
Any Plan
Any Plan
quick sign up

How Much Could You Earn?

Example 1

If you refer 10 clients in a month on our NVMe 2GB VPS Plan, at $54.39 per month:

Your Per-Sale commission: 10 x $50 = $500
Your Recurring commission: 10 x $5.44 = $54.44

A TOTAL of $554 in the first month, then a monthly $54.44 for the lifetime of the referrals.

quick sign up

Example 2

If you refer 20 clients in a month on our NVMe 4GB VPS Plan, at $79.99 per month:

Your Per-Sale commission: 20 x $100 = $2000
Your Recurring commission: 20 x $7.99 = $159.80

A TOTAL of $2159 in the first month, then a monthly $159.80 for the lifetime of the referrals.


Example 3

If you refer 10 clients in a month on our NVMe 2GB VPS Plan, at $54.39 per month:

Your Per-Sale commission: 30 x $50 = $1500
Your Recurring commission: 30 x $5.44 = $163.20

A TOTAL of $1663 in the first month, then a monthly $163.20 for the lifetime of the referrals. You also get upgraded to the VIP Tier forever.

Quick Sign Up

How To Become An Affiliate?

1. Sign Up.

2. Get your affiliate link and banners.

3. Promote our services on your websites.

4. Earn generous fixed and recurring commissions.
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Web Hosting Affiliate Program FAQs


We offer an exclusive web hosting affiliate program with great benefits. Our web hosting affiliate program is a unique opportunity for you to earn both a generous fixed commission and a recurring income by referring others to sign up for our VPS hosting.

How is the RoseHosting affiliate partnership better than all the other hosting companies out there?

We are so confident in the quality of our products and services that we retain customers a lot longer and can therefore afford to give you some of the highest commission rates on the market. Compare our affiliate program yourself with what’s out there and see for yourself. In addition, we reward those that have faith in us with an even more lucrative recurring commission affiliate program with monthly passive income for life! Unlike most of our competitors that only give commissions for the first 12 months, we don’t forget who connected us to our customers and are happy to thank you for our long-term customers on an ongoing basis.


No, you don’t need to have a website. Even though it would undoubtedly help to have a website, you are free to refer clients through other means (via emails social media channels, by writing a review or blog post or even creating an e-book or a video tutorial) where visitors can click on your custom affiliate referral link. Rest assured that we will track your sales properly.

What makes RoseHosting better than any other hosting provider?

Simply, we’re the Saints of Hosting. An industry pioneer, with the longest customer retention we’ve been able to identify on the market. Combined with the fact that we’re a privately owned firm with no debts, we can afford to offer by far the best value to our customers and the best affiliate rates to our partners. You won’t find more generous rates, and anyone you refer won’t find a better value for money at a fully managed hosting provider.

Do I need a website before joining the RoseHosting affiliate program?

It costs nothing to participate in any of our affiliate programs. They are free to join.

Do I need to be an existing RoseHosting client to become an affiliate?

No, you can sign up directly as an affiliate and earn without having ever used our services. However, we suggest you try our Linux VPS Hosting to fully understand the benefits that we provide to our users. You may even end up wanting to migrate your site.

Do you allow payout methods Other than PayPal?

No, currently we can only pay out your balance through PayPal into your PayPal account.

Is affiliate marketing still profitable?

Yes, affiliate marketing is still profitable and likely will be for the foreseeable future. Especially web hosting affiliate programs are a great way to earn income; you just need to find the right web hosting partner, and you just did. :)

Can I use PPC campaigns to promote my referral link?

No, you are not permitted to promote your referral link through pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Can I buy a plan on BEHALF OF a customer?

No, your customer must use their personal and billing information when ordering a hosting service through your affiliate link in order for the referral to be approved as valid.

More Questions and Answers

Where can I see my referred sale and what should I do if I can’t find a sale I referred?

We have advanced systems to track your referrals and will not miss a valid referral. If you’re certain that your sale is missing, reach our to our affiliate support team and we’ll look into it for you, however please do keep in mind that the last affiliate to set a cookie will win the sale.


Generally you refer clients by placing a referral link on your website or other online property such as social media, youtube channel, etc....


Any referrals that order through your affiliate link will immediately show up in your affiliate account.


Our suggestion is to use top-10 lists or reviews as those are very frequently read by users looking to change hosting provider or users that are just starting to research what kind of hosting to go with. Mentioning the managed support is especially good as that is something that others almost never provide, let alone without charging extra.


You get the full 10% recurring commission when the invoice is paid, meaning you get paid for the full billing cycle all at once. This however means that it will take a full billing cycle for the next recurring invoice commission to be generated.


Yes, you can use any amount of your affiliate balance to pay your hosting invoices. Keep in mind that as an added perk, our VIPs get free hosting with us up to a VPS NVMe 8 plan.


You can withdraw your entire accrued amount once the balance is $50 or more.

Reach Out To Our Affiliate Support

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

  • Only provisioned orders will be paid.
  • Orders coming through non-affiliate links or direct orders are not considered referrals and will not be paid, even if the order was referred by you in some other way, word-of-mouth, recommendation, review, etc...
  • Self-referrals are not allowed.
  • Referrals who are in any way related to the affiliate will be disqualified.
  • Accounts with fraudulent, abusive or illegal activities will not be considered as referrals and will not be paid.
  • Accounts have to remain active and be in good standing for at least 65 days to be paid.
  • Accounts which request refund for any reason will not be paid.
  • No unsolicited bulk e-mail traffic, no blind redirects, or other malicious advertising will be accepted.
  • Affiliates may not represent themselves as RoseHosting.com or Rose Web Services LLC on any search engine or website.
  • There is a $50 minimum before you can cash out.
  • Earnings are in USD and you will be able to receive payment via PayPal (affiliates need an active and verified PayPal account).
  • Bidding on RoseHosting and other RoseHosting related terms on PPC campaigns in search engines is not allowed.
  • Affiliate accounts which are in violation of any rule or are abusing the affiliate program in any way, will be terminated with no prior notice.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or modify this affiliate program at any time and for any reason.
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