The best agency web hosting is one that simply works

As only those that have worked agency-side understand, having a business crucial system that just works, without adding to your constant pressures is a blessing in so many ways.

By choosing RoseHosting as your premier fully-managed hosting provider to handle and care for all your agency web hosting needs, you can cross hosting off your list of concerns.

Let us handle your servers so that you can focus on your business and clients. You won’t even have to lift a finger.

We'll handle your hosting,
you focus on your clients.
Agencies just like yours love us!

We are one of the highest rated hosting providers across all review sites

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Cross web hosting off your list of concerns

How we help boost your agency’s growth?

By helping you stabilize your everyday agency workload

1. Grow and retain your client base

We are here to ensure your clients are not just happy, but ecstatic! Their web hosting will be stable and we can optimizing their servers for boost their overall load speed and SEO.

2. Minimize burnout & retain top talent

Your staff handle stress and overwork daily. Let RoseHosting handle your IT issues. There’s no need to burden your staff with server management, security and updates.

best agency webhosting
agency webhosting

3. Unlimited support

You can offload some of your technical workload so we can buy you precious time. Sometimes all you need is a quick win with a client to give yourself some breathing room.

4. Gain an additional income stream

For clients on their own servers, we offer a generous 15% recurring agency partner commission for the lifetime of the plan. Plus all our plans have free tech support included.

“Just because we're premium, doesn't mean we have to price everything at an arm and a leg.”

- Bobi R., RoseHosting Founder & CEO

Hosting Plan Options

Managed VPS Hosting

From $29.67*

40% OFF • Was $55.99
Latest Generation Xeon
2 - 12 CPU Cores
2 - 64 GB RAM
50 - 400 GB PCIe4 NVMe Disk
4 TB - Unmetered Transfer
Fully-Managed Service
Multiple Linux Distros
FREE Control Panel
Full ROOT Access
Managed Dedicated Servers

From $224.99*

40% OFF • Was $374.99
Latest Generation Xeon
14 - 80 CPU Cores
24 - 200 GB RAM
500 - 3500 GB PCIe4 NVMe Disk
3 TB - Unmetered Transfer
Fully-Managed Service
Multiple Linux Distros
FREE Control Panel
FREE LiteSpeed Server
Full ROOT Access
Premium enterprise hosting tailored to the best agencies

We support your agency with the power of fully-managed Linux servers

The ultimate agency hosting needs the ultimate stability


Traffic bigger than usual? A client site went viral? We have you covered.

Our superhero team is here to support your agency 24/7


Our expert Linux engineers handle all the heavy lifting - Transfers and all.

The fastest agency hosting for your site and your clients


Latest-generation network and server optimization makes your sites fly!

Secure your web hosting with Linux grade security


Get Linux-based enterprise grade security on the cleanest server network.

Scalable agency hosting and cloud solutions


Vertical and horizontal scaling ensure your sites keep up with user demand.

The smartest agency WordPress hosting


We don’t compete on price, but on value! You won’t find a smarter deal.

Your words speak louder than ours ever could!

“I love RoseHosting so much, I kind of hate leaving a review. They are like a secret gem! Before them I was using a well known company and struggling. RoseHosting basically held my hand through all of my VPS Hosting so I could concentrate on what I’m good at, web design.”

– Christina G.,

We include everything you never knew you needed

Keep your client’s sites fast, secure, reliable, and scalable

We'll take care of your:

• Website Migrations

• Server Performance Optimizations

• Security Updates

• Server Management

• Scalability Concerns

• Software Install and Configurations

• Performance and Error Troubleshooting

• WordPress and Plugin Updates

Limitless Flexibility

If it runs on Linux and is technically possible, we’ll install and tune any software you need.

No matter how complex or demanding the task, we’ll work through virtually any hosting solution with you. It’s what we’re best at.

Award-winning Support

Fast, free and unlimited, white glove support, available to you 24/7. Our premium grade servers are really just the cherry on top.

You get full root access, and even if a client made a mistake, our live chat will be with you to help in seconds.

Truly The Saints of Hosting™

We have never cut any corners. Our prices are transparent and we'll never raise them for you. No hidden costs and your discounts are for life.

We have a strict no overselling policy, impose no arbitrary limitations on your servers, and we only use the best new equipment. Making sure you and your clients are happy really is our main priority.

We're in it for the long run

With over 21 years of experience specializing in premium Linux hosting, we’ve cemented our position as a premier fully-managed hosting provider.

No one does agency hosting better, and we work every day to keep it that way. Many of our staff have decades of tenure and many of our clients are with us for life.

A Collaborative Partnership

We work together with your team to ensure your clients' sites perform flawlessly.

We exist to make you look good and offer a full suite of features to make your everyday agency life that much easier. We also have ex-agency employees, who understand your needs and pain points all too well.

Your most burning questions

What every agency really wants to know

1. What makes RoseHosting ‘The Saints of Hosting™’?

Everything we do, every single day, is to do right by you.

  • We never cut corners. Our server and network equipment are of premium quality.
  • We hire only the best staff, many of whom have been with us for 15+ years.
  • Our pricing is transparent, discounts are for life and we never increase your cost.
  • We offer the same award-winning support and service to both blue chip companies and the smallest of agencies.

We do not set arbitrary limitations on how many websites you can host or how many visits and page views you can receive in a month. We do not believe in arbitrary limitations. Your server resources are yours to use however you see fit and they will determine how many sites and how much traffic you can serve per month.

We also have a no-overselling policy, and will not push you to buy additional resources which you may not need.


2. How does your support team work as part of my agency?

Since our inception, we have exclusively worked with Linux servers. We also have extremely stringent recruitment and training processes.

This incredible combination led to each of our system admins being a true Linux expert. This means that whenever you get in touch with us, there’s no waiting in line, and there is only one level of tech support, the Expert Level! Your issue will immediately be with someone who will help you resolve it.

We resolve your agency hosting issues quickly and effectively, and if it’ll take time to resolve, we’ll let you know what’s happening so that you can immediately inform your clients and better manage their expectations.

Moreover, we do not have "business hours" as our teams work around the clock 24x7, so you can be sure that we’ll be looking for a solution even when you’re not in the office.


3. What are the specifications of your infrastructure and network?

We are adamant in only using the best equipment available on the market. This includes the latest generation DELL servers, Cisco and Extreme Networks routers and switches, N+1 redundant power, cooling and network, as well as multiple 10Gb and 40Gb upstream internet peering connections.

If you are the type that likes to geek out from time to time, for a full list of specifications you can always take a peek at our technical specifications page.


4. How does the partnership affiliate program work?

Agency partners that bring over their clients to RoseHosting are entitled to a free VPS for their own agency website, up to and including our NVMe 8 VPS plan. That’s a whopping $99.95 of value. Each month. On us.

Yes, you read that right!

What’s more, as a valued agency partner, you are entitled to a 10% discount for each server you purchase. Alternatively, if you prefer for us to invoice your clients, you qualify for up to 10% recurring commission on all your clients' hosting purchased directly. You can further combine any of these deals with our 12-month or 24-month plans for up to an additional 40% in savings. The choice is entirely up to you.

If you are looking for something completely different, we are extremely flexible and will work with you to recommend and provide you with the best value for your use case and requirements.


5. What’s included in the agency partnership program?

We offer so much more than we can list on here, but some of our primary features include:

  • Free VPS hosting for your agency site
  • Free WHM (if needed)
  • Free weekly backup, with an option for daily backups as well
  • Free proactive monitoring
  • Free Server Optimizations
  • Agency Master Account – Agency-Run
  • Agency Profit Share – Each Client on their own scalable solutions
  • Unlimited website hosting. Perfect for event-based microsites  such as Christmas sales, SuperBowl or the office party events.


6. How do you assist with building websites and SEO?

We do not build websites. We can however assist with technical server-side SEO optimizations, which are one of the biggest elements of speeding up your website. We can also give you advice on what to do on your existing site to speed it up from a technical SEO point of view.

We’re in this with you for the long run.

Get your agency a VPS, Dedicated Server or Cloud server, or contact one of our agency partnership specialists for your free consultation. We’ll help you tailor fit a hosting product that best fits your specific needs.

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